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7 Gift Ideas for the Harley Rider In Your Life
Posted on 11/25/2019 1:40:33 PM

With the holiday season approaching, it’s time again to start the annual lookout for orange and black-blazoned Harley Davidson gifts, trinkets, collectibles, stocking stuffers, and memorabilia the Harley rider in your life hasn’t already obtained over the course of the last 12 months (I hope you’ve been keeping track). Sure, adding to their growing HD t-shirt collection would be the safe way to goand as any Harley lover will tell you, you can NEVER have enough HD t-shirts. But this year, how about venturing out a bit and going a totally different direction. To make it a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest Harley Davidson gifts we could find that would look great under the tree or in their stocking this year.


1903-Style Crate Cooler

Stylish and functional, this thing will be a great addition to next summer’s backyard BBQs. The plastic liner is well insulated and comes out easily to make cleaning a breeze. The crate itself is wooden with reinforced metal corners and would serve as a great storage piece when it’s not keeping your drinks on ice. And it comes with its very own wrench-shaped bottle opener too!

Harley Lego Set

Fact: You are never too old to play with LEGO. This piece was created by LEGO in conjunction with Harley Davidson truly captures the beauty of the classic Fat Boy motorcycle (in “Wicked Red” no less). Make no mistake, this is not some kiddie toy. At over a foot long and more than 1,000 pieces, this replica has solid-disc wheels, dual exhaust pipes, functional pistons, a working kickstand, and other detailed, moving components. And the best part? Harley and LEGO have announced plans to release more HD models in the future!

Coaster Set

Every Harley aficionado dreams of having their own basement biker bar, right? Well, here’s the first step in making that dream a reality (okay, maybe not the FIRST step, but definitely one of the steps). No bar is complete without a handful of rubber, no-slip bar and shield HD coasters for their courteous drink-ring conscious customers. Now all you need are glasses, taps, stools, a couple kegerators, a few flatscreens, a wait staff, and (of course) the bar itself and you’ll be on your way. Sounds easy enough, right?

Storage Canister Set

Ahh, back to that “stylish and functional” motif we love so much. This set of three nostalgic cans (two gas cans and one oil drum) are each branded with classic HD imagery and will look great in your home or office.


Willie D. Doodle Book

This is just a flat out cool piece; a leather-bound collection of “doodles” by legendary Harley executive and designer, Willie Davidson (aka “Willie G”). This is a literal compilation of years’ worth of long-forgotten paper scraps showcasing motorcycles, motorcycle culture, and anything else inspired by the creativity of the man himself.


All-In-One Folding Tool

Here’s a handy little necessity for any biker. This compact gadget includes common tools that no Harley rider should be without (Torx bits, hex bits, flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and open end wrenches). At a reasonable price, the device is built into a solid and comfortable HD-branded orange and black handle and comes with its very own nylon carrying case.


Travel Mug & Coaster

When your rider is out and about, they’re going to need a durable and long-lasting travel mug that’ll keep their cold stuff cold and their hot stuff hot. This stainless steel Harley Davidson mug will do just that (and it’s awfully stylish too). Branded with an all-black bar and shield design, this mug will serve as the perfect road trip companion. And unlike some other steel tumblers on the market, this one won’t break the bank either. Plus, it even comes with its own coaster and HD keychain to sweeten the deal.


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