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Must-Have Long Distance Motorcycle Riding Gear and Accessories for the Open Road
Posted on 3/25/2021 2:36:14 PM

Before you hit the open road for a long, overnight or multiple-night ride, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared and that you’ve packed the right long distance motorcycle riding gear. There’s nothing wrong with just winging it and going where the road takes you, but if you’re not prepared for the most common accidents or hiccups, your dream trip can get derailed pretty quickly. Fortunately, with a little planning and the right Harley Davidson accessories and gear in tow, you can sidestep potential delays or at least be better prepared to deal with them as they come up.

Our Favorite Long Distance Motorcycle Riding Gear

As you’re well aware, it would be impossible to prepare yourself for every challenge or roadblock you might face on your trip. And as storage space comes at a premium, we also can’t realistically expect to bring everything we could ever possibly need for an overnight adventure. So in this list, we’re just going to cover the essentials; the items you need to easily escape the common jams you might come across.

Flat Repair Kit

The last thing you need is to be stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. Fortunately, if the puncture is relatively small, then patching it up is something you can handle on your own without slowing down the group or wasting your whole day waiting for assistance.

Portable Air Compressor

Of course, once you fix the flat, you’re still in quite the pickle unless you’ve packed a portable air compressor. You can find a reliable air compressor with built-in gauge for around $50 but be weary of extremely cheap models as they don’t tend to hold up in the long run.

Tool Kit

While you won’t be able to rebuild a bike from spare parts on the side of the road or from the truck stop parking lot, you should be prepared to handle minor repairs as necessary. You’ll want to bring along a compact set of wrenches, screwdrivers, hex keys, and sockets that fit your bike as well as a screwdriver and flashlight.

Butler Maps

Safe to say you probably have a reliable GPS system or phone integration capabilities before you hit the road (it is 2021 after all). But it’s always a good idea to pack an up-to-date roadmap just in case. We prefer Butler Maps as they are waterproof and designed specifically for bikers. Butler Maps highlight the best routes for two wheels better than Google Maps or general atlases.

Rain Suit

Packing protective rain gear should be standard procedure before heading out on long trips as you never know what kind of weather you’ll encounter. We suggest a two-piece suit that stores easily and can be thrown on at a moment’s notice and you can never go wrong with brightly colored options to make yourself easier to spot for other motorists when visibility is low.

Jump Starter

A handy and portable jump starter can be a lifesaver should you find yourself stranded with a dead battery. Fortunately, most modern jump starters are compact and fairly priced (and some will even charge your cell phone or other electronics). A fair investment given the alternative.

Full Face Helmet

You’ve heard all of the safety reasons for proper helmet-wearing, so we’ll skip over those for now. So, the second most important reason for bringing a helmet along is that unless you’re not crossing state lines, you may enter a state in which helmets are mandated by law and you’ll want to be prepared. A full-face helmet also provides protection from the elements and insulation in cold weather.


Did we cover everything you’re going to need or want for your trip? Doubtful. Did we cover every possible wrench that could be thrown into the plans for your trip? Of course not. But hopefully packing the items on this list (and other Harley Davidson parts and accessories as you see fit) can help you sidestep some potential headaches and delays for your next solo or group ride. Being prepared with the right long distance motorcycle riding gear is the key to enjoying your ride, after all.

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